Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition

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    Vendedor: Etekcity

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    Leave No Trace” with the clean-burning Etekcity mini camping stove. This lightweight and portable stove tucks into any hiking or ultralight backpack without being noticed. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel combine to make a light, yet sturdy and balanced stove that handles both rapid boiling and slow simmering with the finesse only a true outdoorsman can appreciate. Be ready for gourmet style camp meals on your many journeys with the Etekcity mini camping stove.

    The Piezo ignition system performs with the instant convenience that matches and lighters aren’t able to deliver on cold or windy days.

    The push-button spark produced by the Piezo igniter lights up your Etekcity mini camping stove under cold or high-altitude conditions when normal matches simply will not get the job done.

    Sometimes instant noodles just don't cut it and you need higher quality food on your camping trip. The Etekcity mini camping stove eliminates that issue altogether. This little stove produces one of the strongest flames for its size.

    Not only does it have a powerful flame that boils water quickly, but it also has refined flame control, allowing you to choose between a rapid boil and a slow simmer so you can cook the way you want to.