Tomahawk Collapsible Traps with Two Trap Doors

Ref: TOMA-200
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  • Coleções: Capture Supplies, Metal Traps, Tomahawk

    Vendedor: Tomahawk

    Shipping Weight: 6.0 lb

    These traps are simple to operate, can be folded flat in seconds, and set up just as quickly. Collapsible traps fold to about 1/10th the space when not deployed and come completely assembled. They are constructed of gauge galvanized wire mesh.

    Ref. Dimensions (in) Weight (lb) Mesh - Gauge Ideal for animals similar to
    200 16L x 5W x 5H 3 1/2x1" - 16 Chipmunks, gophers and rats size.
    203 24L x 6W x 6H 4 1x1" - 14 Squirrel and muskrat  size.
    203.5 24L x 6W x 6H 4 1/2x1" - 16 Squirrel and muskrat size.
    206 32L x 9W x 9H 8 1x1" - 14 Cat and rabbit size.
    206.5 40L x 10W x 10H 13 1x2" - 12 Raccoon, groundhogs / woodchuck and feral cats size.
    207.3 36L x 10W x 12H 15 1x1" - 12 Raccoon, groundhogs / woodchuck, feral cats and large rabbits size.
    208 42L x 15W x 15H 18 1x1" - 12 Fox and bobcat size.