The Birds of Eastern Ecuador, Volume II: The Lowlands

Ref: 2009-811010
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    Language: English

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    This latest publication presents sound recordings of 564 bird species. An overwhelming 2317 separate sound recordings are represented. Included are the sounds of nearly all the birds predominantly inhabiting the life zones of Ecuador's eastern lowlands. The habitats of these lowlands include forests of various types (such as varzea and terra firme), clearings black and white water lakes and rivers, and islands. The goal was to achieve the highest degree of completeness, not only including song repertoires but also a wide variety of calls and mechanical sounds for each species. This publication is the final part of a series that covers bird vocalizations from all major life zones in Ecuador.

    Characteristics of this MP3-CD+DVD
    - 564 bird species of Ecuador.
    - 2317 recordings.
    - 5 hours of bird sounds.
    - 1 CD, with MP3 files with announcements ready for modern devices.
    - 1 DVD, with MP3 files without announcements ready for modern devices.
    - Uses less than 1 GB on an MP3-player.

    With this publications, 5 cassette tapes are now replaced and greatly expanded.

    This publication consists of:
    1. A CD containing all vocalizations in MP3 format, announced in English, with each track containing a single of all vocalizations (2317 tracks!).
    2. A data DVD containing a separate MP3 file for each individual vocalization without announcements.

    Also included is a comprehensive 140 page-booklet in both digital (PDF and Excel) and a hard copy format, containing recording information for each cut.

    This massive publication replaces and greatly augment the 3 cassettes "More Bird Vocalizations From The Lowland Rainforest Volumes 1-3", "Sounds of La Selva", and Cornell's cassette "Birds of Eastern Ecuador".