Storm Pro 2 Lightning Detector

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  • Coleções: Weather Monitoring

    Vendedor: BIOWEB, LLC

    Shipping Weight: 15.0 lb

    Totally self-contained, the Storm Pro 2 detects storms directly using the electromagnetic signals of lightning to provide instant storm warnings. The Storm Pro 2 has a detection range of 130 miles and calculates distance and approach speed (ETA) in both miles and kilometers. Storm status updates are displayed on a large, backlit LCD. The detector immediately warns you when a storm becomes a local threat, and a Time to Clear function lets you know when it is safe to resume outdoor activities. The water-resistant detector can be recharged on any current and plug configuration in the world using the included universal wall charger.

    • - Over 130 mile detection range.
      - Large backlit LCD display with over 50 storm status updates screens including: Storm Distance, Estimate Time to Arrive, & Time To Clear, etc.
      - Indicates Severe Storms and Squall Lines/Multiple Storm Cells.
      - Automatically displays in both Miles & Kilometers.
      - Visual & Audible storm warning alerts.
      - Rechargeable on any current & plug configuration in the world.
      - Low battery indicator
    • - Lightning Detector (1)
      - Yellow, waterproof lockable Pelican carrying case (1)
      - 110/220-volt AC power adapter (1)
      - Case (1)
      - Instruction manual (1)
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