Snake Bagger

Ref: MIDW-100-SN-BG
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  • Coleções: Capture Supplies, Midwest Tongs, Other Traps

    Vendedor: Midwest Tongs

    Shipping Weight: 4.0 lb

    The Snake Bagger uses two 48”L bags for safety, allowing you to always have a backup bag when one bag is in use. A convenient sleeve on the bottom corner of the bag allows you to use the optional set of plastic restraining tubes (sold separately) once a snake is in the bag. The set consists of 2 end caps and 10 tubes which measure approximately 24”L and range from 3/8” to 2” in diameter. The tubes are ideal for holding the head end of a snake while probing or during minor veterinary work. The Snake Bagger’s triangular frame is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and features a strong, comfortable handle. Additional replaceable inner bags available.

    Note: This product is intended for use by professionals only.