Smith-Root Electropesca Equipment LR-24

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    Vendedor: Smith-Root

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    This product is sold by BIOWEB in America countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and México but if you are in other country, United States or Canada please contact the vendor directly.

    You, a Fisheries Biologist, called for a lightweight backpack electrofisher with precise digital controls, “quick setup” options, and the ability to store and recall electrical settings. “Time in the field is valuable,” said fisheries scientists, “and we want to efficiently capture fish while maintaining a safe work environment.”

    By engaging with fisheries scientists in the development process, Smith-Root engineers transformed the backpack electrofishing world when creating Smith-Root’s LR-24 Backpack Electrofisher. Among many innovations, the LR-24 introduced digital controls, “quick setup” options, 10 programmable/recallable settings, electrical output monitoring, overload warning, customized shoulder harness, 400 Watt electrical output, and state of the art safety features.

    The LR-24 Electrofisher is a rugged 24 volt battery powered electrofisher. It is suitable for extensive field work in any weather conditions. The LR-24 uses premium electronic components and circuity housed inside of a custom molded plastic case.

    The LR-24 is the most advanced electrofisher ever produced. The user interface is designed to make the LR-24 quick and easy to use. This has allowed us to offer a number of special features not available on previous backpack electrofishers.

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