Pesola MedioLine Spring Scales

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    Vendedor: PESOLA

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    PESOLA is the inventor of the modern spring scale. Rely on the quality and precision of the original.

    MedioLine are scales innovative, light, precise, swiss engineered by PESOLA.

    These light, precise scales feature a tare screw with incremental rotation to protect against inadvertent adjustment, a colored marker ring for clear, precise readings. Scales work in any position, even overhead. Two-year warranty. Use precision PESOLA scales to determine weights or, with the optional pressure set, determine the amount of pressure needed to move objects. Features an easy-tare method which allows you to “zero out” container weights up to 20% of scale capacity. Made of a corrosion-resistant stainless metal with an abrasion-resistant anodized finish, each scale has a standard eye clip with a crocodile clamp. The 2500 g and Newtons scales have a hook.

    • - New tare screw with incremental rotation. Protected against inadvertent adjustment
      - Tare 15–20% of full capacity. New with defined end of range for optimal function
      - New colored marker ring for precise and clear display. High precision: Maximum deviation ± 0.3% of load
      - Even with attached load inner tube turns without negative influence on tare and display. Friction-free for highest precision
      - Compact and handy design. Provides two long graduations of 100 mm with fine resolution
      - New precision spring made of corrosion free and fatigue resistant alloy. The MicroLine scales are impervious to humidity
      - The inner technology is protected against dust and dirt
      - The MedioLine scales are light.
    • - Spring scale (1)
      - Case (1)
      - Manual (1)
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