B-Tools Mistnet Poles Set 135"

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    Vendedor: B•Tools

    Shipping Weight: 2.8 lb

    You no longer have to waste time cutting shrubs or trees growing. This set of poles made ​​of tempered aluminum is lightweight and easy to transport. The set includes 2 extensions poles and 1 pointed bottom pole, with no exposed rivets, which it allows longer durability and performance. Each part ends with non-skid surface, avoiding the nets loops to slide regardless the support dryness or humidity. These poles are made of tempered aluminum to avoid easy bending due to its use. Its design allows to inter enough the pointed bottom pole into the soil. Each piece has a total length of 47 in, adding 135 in once when assembled, from which it is suggested to inter the base piece 2-4 in, for being able to extend the net between the exposed 130 in according to the researcher’s needs.

    The length of each piece allows the poles to fit in almost each type of vehicle, and its light weight allows carrying many poles into the field with little effort. These poles have been designed not only to reduce weight when transporting the equipment, to facilitate the installation of a mistnet, but also due to its low price to motivate the researcher not to cut growing bushes or trees, to obtain a natural pole, avoiding so to its maximum extent its intervention when installing mistnets in the field.

    To hang a net, you require two (2) sets. This means, to hang two nets installed in the same group, you require three (3) sets, and if you install them separately, it is required four (4) sets.

    You may purchase an additional extension pole to increase the altitude system. BIOWEB recommends one additional part (MNET-10-012), maintaining the balance with additional strings. Also, each part, the pointed bottom pole (MNET-10-011) and the extension pole (MNET-10-012), are sold separately. To carry more than one pole parts, you may want to consider the mistnet poles case.

    • - Tempered aluminum
      - Weatherproof
      - 135" assembled
      - 47" when dismantled
      - Environmental friendly
    • - Extension pole (2)
      - Pointed bottom pole (1)
    • None
    • - Mistnet Extension pole
      - Mistnet Poles Case