Kestrel DROP Wireless Environmental Data Loggers

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    The Kestrel DROP D1 Wins 2015 Backpacker magazine Editors’ Choice Award!

    The Kestrel DROP D1 Wireless Temperature Data Logger has been honored as a recipient of the 2015 Backpacker magazine Editors’ Choice Award, the most prestigious award in the outdoor industry, given annually to products in recognition of their outstanding innovation in design, materials and performance. The Kestrel DROPs are small, rugged, waterproof and accurate data loggers, which connect via Bluetooth® Smart to an iPhone, iPod or iPad (generation compatible), to view, log and chart captured environmental data via the Kestrel Connect app.

    A Kestrel DROP is the world’s easiest-to-use rugged environmental data logger. Choose from three models based on your needs, and monitor and record the conditions of any environment. Easily access and chart real-time and historical data on your phone, tablet or other smart device with the Kestrel Connect app. Kestrel DROPs are ideal for monitoring conditions in manufacturing, transportation and shipping, facilities management, agriculture, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations, firefighting, the military field, shooting and hunting, and recreational and in-home use. Put a DROP virtually anywhere and ensure safe conditions when you can’t be there.

    Who's Using the DROP?

    Small, Accurate, Rugged and Waterproof

    Each DROP measures just 1 x 1.8 x 2.4 inches (24 x 46 mm x 60 mm) and weighs just 1.2 ounces (34 grams). DROP loggers meet military and international standards for water, dust and shock resistance (IP-67 and MIL-STD-810G) and are conveniently equipped with a sturdy D-ring for hanging wherever needed.

    Log, View and Share on the Kestrel Connect App

    Kestrel Connect is the free app that powers the DROP loggers. With Kestrel Connect on your smart phone or tablet, you can view real-time readings from any DROP logger within wireless range (up to 100’ or more line of sight) via Bluetooth Low Energy. Each phone or tablet can connect to up to 8 DROP loggers at the same time and store data logs from many more. Min/Max/Average readings are clearly displayed and the data log is viewable as a scrolling graph with detailed data for each logged point. The Kestrel Connect app also allows adjustment of the logging interval and other settings as well as real-time threshold alerts. Readings can be updated as frequently as every 2 seconds and logging time and date are automatically updated whenever connected to your smart device. You can also send and share real-time and logged environmental data via email, Facebook or Twitter (Requirements: iOS 6 installed iPhone 4s, iPad 3rd generation or iPod Touch 5th generation – or any later iOS or hardware configuration. Will not work on iPhone 4, 3GS on 3G or any earlier iPad or iPod generation.)

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