Jameson Fiberglass LS Landscape Series Hollow Core Poles

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  • Coleções: Borers & Calipers, Jameson

    Vendedor: Jameson

    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    The Light Duty Pole For Landscapers

    - Economical pole for landscapers and homeowners.
    - Lightweight, flexible.
    - Features the same high quality aircraft grade aluminum ferrules used on Jameson’s JE and FG poles.
    - Protective surface veil prevents fibers blooming at surface level due to abrasion.

    It is recommended to use up to 9 poles (if used 6' pole) and in case of requiring more height it is suggested to ascend to the tree with climbing equipment that you can also buy in BIOWEB.

    The head, adapter, rope and case are sold independently to configure your tree pruner.

    • - The LS series poles have a hollow core and thinner wall, resulting in a lighter, more flexible pole
      - Features the same high quality aircraft grade aluminum ferrules used on Jameson's JE and FG poles
      - Aluminum heavy duty ferrules with external leaf spring locking button
      - 0.10” Wall Thickness
      - 1.25” Pole Diameter
    • - Pole (1)
    • - Head Pruner
      - Adapter
      - Handle & Cord
    • - Pole Storage Bag
      - Saw Blade