Combined Plate Chamber (Utermöhl-Chamber) Hydro-Bios

Ref: HYDR-435-025-BASIC
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    Vendedor: Hydro-Bios

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    ⚠️ Do NOT use alcohol for cleaning acrylic parts.

    The Combined Plate Chamber is a standard manufacture fitting virtually any type of inverted microscope.

    As described in UNESCO's Phytoplankton Manual (published 1978) the Combined Plate Chamber allows you to look at sedimented plankton samples from a very short distance. How? Put the sample into a cylinder on top of the rectangular plexiglass plate with a thin base plate, let the fixed plankton concentrate and after sedimentation simply push the cylinder with excess liquid aside. The handling support underneath the plate will collect the extra water from the cylinder. You can now take the plate and examine the sample under an inverted microscope. Three calibrated cylinder sizes are provided with each set allowing to analyze different sample volumes.

    The basic kit includes a set of cylinders 10 / 50 / 100 ml. Complete with cover plates, also base plates and handling support. The complete kit includes in addition a cylinder of 25 ml, and additional cover and base plates. Items can be purchased separately too.

    The Base Plate Set, includes the Base Plate, the Threaded Ring and the Ring Detacher.

    • - Base plate
      - Handling support base
      - Settling chamber, 10 ml capacity, height 15 mm
      - Settling chamber, 25 ml capacity, height 41 mm
      - Settling chamber, 50 ml capacity, height 92 mm
      - Settling chamber, 100 ml capacity, height 185 mm
      - Threaded ring and ring detacher
      - Round cover glass, Ø 33 mm, thickness 2,0 mm
      - Square cover glass, 42 x 42 mm, thickness 1,8 mm
      - Bottom plates, Ø 27,5 mm, thickness 0,2 mm
    • Basic Chamber Kit:
      - Base Plate Set (1)
      - Settling Chamber 10 ml 
      - Settling Chamber 50 ml 
      - Settling Chamber 25 or 100 ml 
      - Handling Support Base 
      - Round Cover Glass x 3 u.
      - Square Cover Glass x 1 u. 
      - Bottom Plates x 50 u. 

      Complete Chamber Kit includes also:
      - All 4 Settling Chambers 10, 25, 50 and 100 ml.
      - Additional Square Cover Glass x 50 u. 
      - Additional Round Cover Glass x 50 u. 
      - Additional Bottom Plates x 250 u. 
    • The Basic and Complete kits doesn't need additional items. The Base Plate Set alone needs the other parts to work.
    • Choose the Complete Chamber kit instead the Basic Chamber Kit.