Collapsible Nylon Deluxe Snake Tongs with Super Tube


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  • This collapsible tong snaps into place quickly and easily in a matter of seconds with no pins to remove or tools required. It collapses to half the deployed length for storage and is just as strong and durable as our non collapsible models. It features light weight yet extremely strong and durable 2.5" wide nylon jaws designed to keep snakes and reptiles as comfortable as possible while being handled. The wider jaw distributes holding pressure over a larger area to prevent trauma to the animal and provide more holding power to the handler. The nylon head is temperature resistant unlike aluminum tongs to keep snakes and reptiles comfortable without cold or hot metal on their skin.

    This tong features: Anodized aluminum .090 super tube wall thickness Pistol grip handle for control with one hand operation Light weight yet extremely strong and durable nylon handle, lever, and extra wide tong jaws Stainless steel aircraft quality cable connecting handle to tong jaws Concealed stainless steel tong jaw spring Collapses to 21" for convenient storage.  

    Coleções: Capture Supplies, Hooks & Pliers, Tomahawk

    Vendedor: Tomahawk

    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb