Collapsible Drop Traps


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  • The feral cat drop traps were designed with help from the Neighborhood Cats organization. This feral cat trap DT1 collapses to 36"x18"x4" and DT2-XL to 48"x22"x3" for easy storage and transportation and is easy to set up in seconds with no tools required.

    Ref DT2-XL is the newest feral cat drop trap. It features an extra large trap area 4 feet wide by 4 feet long for a total of 16 square feet of trapping space.

    These convenient feral cat traps allow you to catch wary or trap shy cats with a simple pull of the string. The drop trap comes with a built on prop, easy release sliding door, and a weight flap to hold the trap in place. The easy release door lines up perfectly with model 306NC transfer cage and features attaching spring clips provided on the trap for secure transfer from trap to transfer cage. Also available for separate purchase or with the Kit 1 or Kit 3. Kit 3 are shipped in two boxes (36x18x3” ~21 lb and 22x14x14” ~14 lb).

    Drop traps are simply the most effective way to catch trap shy cats or multiple cats at one time. (Does not include string) A remote control trigger is also available for separate purchase or with the Kit 2 or Kit 3.

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