B-Tools Closed Stainless Steel Bands w/ Filling x 10 u.


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  • When adding the bands, keep in mind that they are multiples of 10 units.

    These bands are made of stainless steel, whose edges are treated manually to achieve a completely soft and safe band for the bird. Ideal for parrots and macaws. 

    Steel bands may be preferred on larger birds such as macaws or cockatoos, which may be able to damage an aluminum band.  The steel bands are much harder, though, and stand up to abuse better, but are difficult to remove if any problem were to arise.  Please take this into consideration when choosing.

    Download the Size Chart (PDF Spanish, English) available for you to choose the bands you require.

    Indicate in the notes the code that you require. The manufacturing time is at least one week for an order up to 100 rings. Keep this in mind so that your project starts on time.

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