Alkerton Coon Cone

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    Vendedor: Tomahawk

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    Model ACC12 is our raccoon specific nose cone that allows you to target and catch raccoons only. A 14L x 13W x 13H inches that fits on a 12W x 12H in. traps. It works like a traditional nose cone and slides over the end of your trap. Raccoons will easily pull open the mesh screen to enter the trap but other non-target animals such as cats or skunks won't be able to. Folds flat in seconds for quick and easy storage and is just as easily deployed with no tools required.

    The most effective way to use Coon Cone:

    1) Arm your trap and slide Coon Cone over the entrance of your trap making sure the trap door will not be affected. You can also butt coon cone against your trap and zip tie into place. This method insures your trap door will not be affected.

    2) Place a small amount of bait just outside the Coon Cone entrance, more bait inside the entrance but outside the trap. Put most of the bait inside the trap.

    3) Coon Cone is covered with a UV protected plastic except for the port hole entrance door. For most effective use, you should cover your trap when using Coon Cone. If your trap is covered, raccoons will not be distracted by seeing bait through the mesh inside the trap and will easily find the Coon Cone entrance and enter the trap.