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Mechanical Flowmeters GO Environmental w/ Electronic Underwater Connector

Ref: GOEN-2031H
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  • Use in rivers, estuaries, canals, sewer outfalls, pipes, and harbor entrances to determine velocity and distance information or use with plankton nets to determine water volume associated with each tow. Both models incorporate precision molded rotors coupled directly to six digit counters which record each rotor revolution.

    Supplied with a standard calibration curve (number of counts/unit time vs. velocity) sealed inside transparent body. A single pin and lanyard system located ahead of the lateral center of mass allows the flowmeter to maintain correct dynamic alignment with the fluid flow in which it is immersed. The ref. 2030H6 with a rotor of 7 in, is ideal for slow water (6 to 100 cm/sec) and ref. 2030H with a rotor of 3 in, is ideal for faster water (10 to 790 cm/sec). Include a 18" pigtail and an underwater connector. Max operating temp. 140°F (60°C).

    Available extension handle for use of mechanical flowmeters in streams and moving water. 8 feet extends up to measure the flow of current hard to reach.


      • Data readout: Six 10-digit counter wheel reading 000000 to 999999. Ten counts per rotor revolution, non-resetting. Read by noting difference in beginning and end readings. Counter advances through 000000. 999999 counts equals approximately 14.5 nautical miles.
      • Speed Range: With standard rotor, approx. 10cm/sec (1/5 knot) to 7.9 meters/sec (15 knots).
      • With low-speed rotor, approx. 6cm/sec (3/25 knot) to 100cm/sec (2 knots).
      • Mounting: Universal bridle allowing single-point connection for towing or two-point connection within net mouth. 3-point connection ring is also available as an option. High-speed impeller rotates clockwise, low-speed impeller rotates counterclockwise.
      • Weight in Air:  225 grams (8 ounces).
      • Weight in Water: 113 grams (4 ounces).
      • Materials: Polycarbonate body, Celcon impeller, nickel-plated brass nose cone, Armalloyed stainless steel rotor and idler gear shafts. PVC low-speed impeller available as an option.
      • Dimensions: 21.3cm (8 3/8”) overall length. Standard rotor diameter is 6.98cm (2 3/4”). Low-speed rotor diameter is 16.5cm (6 1/2”).
      • Depth Rating: Unlimited (free flooding). Standard order of a 2030 series flowmeter includes universal bridle, standard or low-speed rotor. Standard order of a 2031 series flowmeter includes universal bridle, standard or low-speed rotor and pigtail (short length of cable and underwater connector for connection to readout cable. Readouts and other options to be ordered separately.
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