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The Birds of Northwest Ecuador, Volume I: The Upper Foothills and Subtropics

Ref: 2000-811005
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    Vendedor: John V. Moore Nature Recordings

    Language: English

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    This three-CD publication presents vocalizations from 190 bird species and features over 425 separately announced recordings. The mid-elevation montane and premontane forests of northwest Ecuador support a wealth of birdlife, including a large number of species and subspecies endemic to the exceptionally rich "Chocó Faunal Region". This important biogeographic area extends northward into western Colombia, and this is the first audio publication to feature a large number of these endemics. For some of the wider-ranging species included in this publication, the discerning listener will note certain differences between the vocalizations presented and those of the same species (but usually a different subspecies) found elsewhere.

    This CD is part of the Ecuador CD and cassette-serie published by John V. Moore Nature Recordings.

    Characteristics of this MP3-CD
    - 190 bird species of Ecuador.
    - 425 recordings.
    - 3 hours of bird sounds.
    - 3 CD, with MP3 files with announcements ready for modern devices.
    - Uses less than 1 GB on an MP3-player.