Amphibians & Reptiles (Herpetology)

Snake Bagger Restraining Tubes

Ref: MIDW-100-R-T
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    Snake restraining tubes are considered by many herpetologists to be the safest method of working closely with snakes during minor veterinary work. Comes with two end caps.

    STANDARD 10PCS NEW – EXTRA PIECE! Now there are 10 pieces instead of 9, in set ranging from 3/8’’ to 2’’ in diameter. 

    LARGE 3PCS Sizes: 2-1/2″, 3″,3-1/2″. A set for larger species of snakes. Restraint tubes are utilized by slipping one end over the head and body of a snake until about half of the snake is inside the tube.

    COMBO 13PCS Combo set of all 13 sizes, Plastic restraining tubes STANDARD and LARGE.