Ultrasonic Bird-X Super QuadBlaster QB-4 Repeller (Up to 600 m²)


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  • The QuadBlaster QB-4 is Bird-X’s best-selling ultrasonic bird control system, composed of 4 built in speakers and solid steel construction. The device emits sounds specially designed to disorient, intimidate, and confuse unwanted birds out of the treated area(s). When the pest birds are exposed to these irritating soundwaves, they are forced to find calmer and untreated areas to linger. Optional powerful flashing strobe light add-on creates a multi-sensory attack!

    This industry favorite is used worldwide, protecting facilities from damage and liability. Bird-X provides bird control solutions for hundreds of top-tier corporate clients including: UPS, Boeing, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Wrigley Field, US Air Force, Army, Navy, and many more.

    • Ultrasonic “silent-to-humans” technology.
    • Covers up to 6,500 sq. ft. in enclosed or semi-enclosed areas.
    • 4 speakers emit ultrasonic frequencies from all sides Includes installation consultation.
    • 30 Day Electronics Performance Satisfaction Guarantee.

    The most popular Bird-X device and most trusted ultrasonic bird repeller – scare birds from treated areas without bothering people nearby. Installation is easy, cut recurring cleanup and repair costs – protect buildings, equipment and vehicles from corrosive bird droppings. Our expert staff provide an installation consultation with every order. Ultrasonic frequencies do not penetrate through solid walls or objects. Place unit where you can achieve maximum coverage. If you need to extend coverage into a separate confined area, an extension speaker can take the output from one of the built-in speakers and transfer it instead to another location (limit 2 speakers).

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    Shipping Weight: 8.0 lb