Tomahawk Two Door Transfer Cage Designed by Neighborhood Cats Organization

Ref: TOMA-306NC2-NP
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  • Collections: Capture Supplies, Metal Traps, Tomahawk

    Vendor: Tomahawk

    Shipping Weight: 10.4 lb

    Model 306NC2 is the Neighborhood Cats transfer cage designed with 2 easy release sliding doors which allows you to transfer animals from traps to cages safely and securely with little stress to you or the animal. They work perfectly with any of the 10" wide traps such as 606NC, 608NC, 608FN, and the Neighborhood Cats Drop Trap. This cage features two easy release sliding doors, one on each end.

    You can use the model C306 Connector to connect two traps to this cage. Or use the C307 connector and connect multiple cages together. You can create a cage recovery system with multiple areas for feeding, litter box, and so. These cages have all the Neighborhood Cat features including an extra-large hand guard, extra-large double handles and a removable tray for easy cleaning.