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One of the fastest and most intuitive spectrogram viewers available.

Download Song Scope for free two weeks trial.

Song Scope software is a powerful tool designed to review recordings made by Song Meter or other conventional bioacoustic recording equipment.

Song Scope is Fast

Song Scope features a Spectrogram Viewer that let’s you scroll through large audio files (up to 2GB).

Viewing audio files as spectrograms is typically 10-20 times more time efficient than listening to the same recordings with your ears.

With practice, you will recognize the visual patterns corresponding to the vocalizations of interest. Of course, you can always play selected samples of the recordings in Song Scope to let your ears help with identification.

Free 15 Day Evaluation

We encourage you to try Song Scope for 15 days for free. Song Scope runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Creating “Song Scapes” from your Song Meter Recordings.

Song Scape is a revolutionary new capability fully integrated with Song Scope that lets you visualize sounds on large temporal scales. This is like a spectrogram, but with the horizontal axis measuring months and years instead of seconds. The animation to the right is a Song Scape created from 3,530 individual recordings made hourly through the spring and summer of 2009 at an undisclosed site. Each frame in the animation represents the sound energy present at different times of the day. You can clearly see two species of frogs calling in the spring at night and the dawn chorus in the morning.

By double clicking on a pixel in the Song Scape plot, Song Scope automatically opens the corresponding source recording so you can zoom in to the actual individual species vocalizations. Song Scape data can also be exported for analysis by other statistical programs.

A Song Scape is represented by a “Song Scape Summary” file, or .sss file. The .sss file is first created with a set of parameters such as the desired frequency and temporal resolution. Next, recordings can be added to the .sss file in batches. In this step, Song Scope scans the recordings to calculate spectral parameters, automatically splitting or combining recordings to meet the temporal resolution specified. Finally, the Song Scape can be opened, manipulated, and viewed, while new recordings can be added to the Song Scape as they continue to be collected from the field.

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