Song Meter SM3

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The 3rd generation Song Meter SM3 is a fully ruggedized, long-deployment acoustic recorder. It is the only bioacoustics recording device of its kind that can simultaneously record any combination of birds, frogs, insectivorous and/or marine life. The SM3 design innovations were based on countless hours of development and feedback from biologist-users from all over the world.


A breakthrough in bat bioacoustics recording technology.

“This is not just an improved version of their (extremely successful) SM2BAT+... The changes are simply amazing!” – Al Milano, Bat Detector Blogspot

The 3rd generation Song Meter SM3BAT is a new benchmark for bat bioacoustics recorders. From innovative recording features, massive data storage capacity and a significant improvement in deployment time over the SM2BAT+, the new SM3BAT makes bat echolocation data capture, easier and more cost effective.

Double your effective field coverage.
The SM3BAT is the only recorder that can simultaneously record in full spectrum at 256 kHz on two channels AND zero crossing on the same channels. It's like having two full spectrum and two zero crossing recorders in one box.

Should you need a higher sampling rate, the SM3BAT can sample in full spectrum up to 384 kHz on one channel. If you want more options for zero crossing files, the recorder has an improved zero crossing auto level and division ratios of 4, 8, 12 or 16.

Record up to 180 hours in full spectrum.
Time is money and the SM3BAT was designed to reduce your cost of ownership. The SM3BAT has new power circuitry that increases deployment time by 50% over the SM2BAT+. In short, the SM3BAT can record up to 180 hours of echolocation data in full spectrum and up to 700 hours in zero crossing on one channel. That means longer deployments and fewer trips into the field. (Note: the SM3BAT owner's manual has a detailed listing of battery life per battery type and recording format.)

Choose a schedule or create your own.
The SM3BAT comes with out-of-the box recording programs; including daytime, night time, and continuous recording schedules with automatic configuration. Just pick your desired schedule and press the Start button to begin making recordings immediately. Or, you can create customized, sophisticated schedules and settings to suit your exact needs.

Capture more than a terabyte of echolocation data.
The SM3BAT is compatible with SDHC and SDXC cards. There are four weatherproof SD card slots and with each card capable of storing 256 gigabytes of echolocation data. Combined with the SMBAT's adaptive triggering and compression, storage capacity exceeds a terabyte. That means more echolocation data containing vast amounts of echolocation detail.

Record in high fidelity using the new ultrasonic and acoustic microphones.
The new, weather resistant SMM-U1 ultrasonic microphone features high quality FG microphone elements that have improved signal to noise ratios and flatter frequency response over our previous microphones. Gain is applied at the microphone to increase signals in the cables (up to 100 meters) therefore reducing electrical noise interference. The result is higher quality recordings, even when the cables are run along side other cables on metrology towers or in wind turbines.

Expand the use of the SM3BAT.
The SM3BAT is the only bat recorder that allows you to simultaneously record any combination of bats, birds, frogs and marine life. The new SM3-H1 hydrophone allows you to record above and below the surface. So if your field assignment includes monitoring an assortment of wildlife, the SM3BAT saves you money with its flexible and easily configurable design.

Feel confident knowing you're backed by the longest warranty available.
The Song Meter SM3BAT was designed for use in extreme weather conditions – from caves, jungles, deserts to parts in between. The recorder has been subjected to environmental shock, drop testing, static discharge and extreme water incursion. Al Milano of Bat Detector Blogspot said, "The Song Meter SM3BAT is by far the most solidly built bat recorder I've ever seen."

We're so confident that the SM3 can endure the most extreme environmental conditions, we back it with a 3 year warranty. That means you can focus on research, not equipment.

Save countless hours of analysis time using Kaleidoscope Pro bat auto-ID analysis software.
It's one matter to capture hundreds of hours of echolocation data but it's a another matter to quickly and accurately sort and analyze the data. Kaleidoscope Pro software can automate and speed up your analysis work. The software allows you to view and analyze your recordings and automatically identify recorded species.

Learn more about Kaleidoscope Software

The SM3BAT does not include a microphone. You can select cabled ultrasonic and acoustic mics, ultrasonic and acoustic hydrophones. Directional microphone horns and system calibrator are available. SD cards, rechargable batteries and power adaptors may be purchased as well.

  • Dimensions and Weight
    - Length/Height: 12.75 inches (32.40 cm)
    - Width: 7.875 inches (20.00 cm)
    - Depth (Upper): 2.31 inches (5.87 cm)
    - Depth (Lower): 2.56 inches (6.50 cm)
    - Weight: 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg)
    - Weight (with 4 Batteries): 7.0 pounds (3.2 kg)
    - Operating Temperature: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

    - Main Power: 4.5 - 17V DC (4 internal D-size batteries)
    - External Power Connector: (5 to 17V DC)
    - Clock Backup Battery Type: CR2032 (approximate 3-year life)
    - Internal Clock Accuracy: Temperature-Compensated Crystal with 3.5ppm drift from -40°C to 0°C and 2.0ppm from 0°C to 40°C
    - Power Consumption: 0.5 mW (sleeping); 250 – 800 mW (recording)
    - Battery Specifications: The recorder uses four (4) standard D size disposable alkaline batteries, rechargeable NiMH batteries, or lithium batteries. Battery life can vary widely depending on the battery type, brand, charger, temperature, and other factors. The following battery life cycles are typical and assume 10-hour nights and nap mode activated for full spectrum:
         Alkaline batteries (estimated 12,000 milliamp hours at 1.5V each):
         - Full spectrum on 1 channel: 18 nights
         - Full spectrum on 2 channels: 15 nights
         - Zero crossing on 1 channel: 20 nights
         - Zero crossing on 2 channels: 15 nights
         NiMH batteries (estimated 10,000 milliamp hours at 1.2V each):
         - Full spectrum on 1 channel: 12 nights
         - Full spectrum on 2 channels: 10 nights
         - Zero crossing on 1 channel: 13 nights
         - Zero crossing on 2 channels: 10 nights

    Memory Cards
    - The four (4) memory card slots can be populated with at least one (1) and up to four (4) memory cards of assorted capacities. The device supports all class 4 or faster SDHC or SDXC cards.
    - Memory Sizes: Up to 1.0 terabyte (1024 gigabytes) supported total capacity using 256 GB SDXC memory cards for all four (4) memory slots. This is the maximum currently available; higher capacities may be available in the future.
    - Formats: FAT32 for SDHC or exFAT for SDXC
    - Compression typically increases effective capacity by 40%.

    Acoustic Audio
    - Channels: 2
    - Recording format: 16-bit PCM .wav or optional .wac proprietary lossless compressed format
    - Analog to Digital Converter: 1.06V RMS (3v p-p) full-scale
    - Amplifier Gain: 0 dB – 59.5 dB in 0.5-dB steps
    - Noise Floor: -134 dBfs/sqrt(Hz) @48 kHz rate, 1 K input impedance, 0 dB gain
    - High Pass Filter: Optional 2-pole at 220 Hz or 1 kHz
    - Sample Rates: The recorder supports the following sample rates in samples per second on one or two channels: 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 9600, 12000, 16000, 19200, 24000, 32000, 48000, 96000

    Ultrasonic Audio
    - Channels: 2
    - Recording format: 16-bit PCM .wav or optional .wac proprietary lossless compressed format or zero crossing
    - Analog to Digital Converter: 0.884V RMS (2.5v p-p) full-scale
    - Amplifier Gain: 0 dB or 12 dB
    - Noise Floor: -116 dBfs / sqrt(Hz) @ 384 kHz sample rate, 1K input impedance, 0dB gain
    - High Pass Filter: Optional 4-pole at 16 kHz
    - Sample Rates: The recorder supports the following rates in samples per second:
        WAC recording:
        - 192000 (one or two channels)
        - 256000 (one channel)
        - 384000 (one channel)
        WAV recording:
        - 192000 (one or two channels)
        - 256000 (one or two channels)
        - 384000 (one channel)
    - Anti-alias filter: 2-pole:
      - 128 kHz for 192 kHz and 256 kHz sample rates
      - 192 kHz for 384 kHz sample rate
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