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Improve your equipment with these premium accessories.

Microphone SM4BAT SM3BAT SMZC SM2BAT+ Echo Meter EM3+ SM4 SM3 SM2+
SMM-A2 External Acoustic Microphone w/ 3m cable x x x
SMM-A1 External Acoustic Microphone w/ 3m cable x x x
SMX-II Weatherproof Acoustic Microphone x x
SMX-NFC Acoustic Night Flight Call Microphone (10 m) x x
SMM-U1 External Ultrasonic Microphone x x x x
SMX-U1 External Ultrasonic Microphone x
Ultrasonic Directional Horn Attachment x x
SM2 Standard Cabled Acoustic Hydrophone (20 m) x x
SM3/SM4 Standard Cabled Acoustic Hydrophone (20 m) x
Ultrasonic Calibrator x x x x x

SMM-A1 Acoustic Microphone

The cabled SMM-A1 acoustic microphone was redesigned with gain applied at the microphone to increase signals in the cables (up to 100 meters) therefore reducing electrical noise interference. The result is higher quality recordings, even when the cables are run along side other cables on metrology towers or in wind turbines.has the same high-quality acoustic recording element as the SM3 recorder. It is completely weatherproof and can be deployed away from the recorder with cables up to 100 meters in length.

SMX-II Weatherproof Acoustic Microphone for SM2

Designed specifically to record bats, the SMX-II Microphone is a weatherproof, omnidirectional unit that detects ultrasonic sound from a 360-degree radius. The weatherproofing system consists of a foam “windscreen” and a hydrophobic membrane that work together to protect the microphone element. The windscreen stops the flow of pressurized water, precipitation or splashing for example, and the membrane prevents the ingress of water into the microphone element itself.

  • Sensitive up to 160 kHz, the SMX-II will connect directly to the Song Meter, or it can be attached to extension cables allowing for recordings at distances of up to 100-meters from the detector. Attaching a second SMX-II to a single SM2BAT+ will double the volume of recordable airspace.
  • This set up allows the SM2BAT+ to function as two separate detectors for the price of less than one conventional full spectrum detector.

SMM-U1 Ultrasonic Microphone

The SMM-U1 is a highly sensitive, low noise ultrasonic microphone, designed for recording ultrasound up to 190 kHz. One or two microphones can be attached via the connector module.

The SMM-U1 is a powered microphone and can be used with up to 100 meters of cable with no attenuation or degradation. The microphone has a differential output which significantly reduces noise from electromagnetic sources. The omnidirectional SMM-U1 is ideal for unattended monitoring where the precise direction of bat activity is not known in advance. Polar plots are below.

SMX-U1 High Performance Ultrasonic Microphone

The SMX-U1 ultrasonic microphone uses the same proprietary technology developed for the Song Meter SM2BAT+. The microphone provides excellent performance in the areas of omni-directionality. Rated at 8kHz to 192 kHz, it provides a flatter frequency response and higher sensitivity at frequencies above 60kHz, thereby capturing all necessary details in a bat call. The SMX-U1 can be purchased with 1, 3, 10 and 50 meter cables.

Ultrasonic Directional Horn Attachment

The SM3 Horn Attachment turns the SMM-U1 omnidirectional ultrasonic microphone into a highly directional microphone, while preserving call quality. The attachment is designed to be used without the standard microphone windscreen and remains weatherproof at angles up to 45-degrees.

Standard Cabled Acoustic Hydrophone

The recorders can also be used with an available hydrophone, for making underwater recordings. The hydrophone ships on a 20 meter cable and attaches to the same connectors as the cabled microphones.

An ultrasonic hydrophone to record dolphin echolocations is also available.

Ultrasonic Calibrator

Since ultrasound is beyond the range of human hearing, verifying proper system and microphone performance can be a challenge. The Ultrasonic Calibrator is designed to verify the sensitivity of SM3-U1 microphones. It also verifies overall system performance.

Microphone Frequency Responses

The chart below illustrates the frequency response of the SMM-U1 microphone. The subsequent graphs display the directionality plots of the SMM-U1 microphone with and without the directional SMX-Horn. Please click on the graph for larger viewing.



The following polar plots indicate microphone directional sensitivity with and without the SM3-Horn.

SMM-U1 Microphone Directionality
SMM-U1 Microphone with Horn Directionality

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