Pneu-Dart Blo-Jector (Blowgun) Kit


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  • This inexpensive blowgun can be effective from 1 to 9 meters with Type P darts. Very easy to use. It is ideal for the user such as veterinarians who occasionally require tranquilizing animals at close range, such as in zoos or reserves.

    With the proper dosage, monkeys to bears can be successfully immobilized. Since the impact is very mild, since the impact, swelling or damage to the animal's tissue is minimal.

      • Locate the dart at the end with the mouthpiece. Look with both eyes at your target by looking at the end of the tube and blow hard. With practice you can achieve amazing accuracy.

      • Although it is recommended to only use 1cc darts, at close range larger capacity darts could be used with accuracy.

      • The tubes are made of anodized aluminum and a rubber mouthpiece..

      • 2 tubes (58cm)
      • 6 Type P 1 cc darts with needles of different lengths.
      • 1 syringe.
      • 3 practice darts 1cc.
      • nylon case.
      • None
      • None

     (DR 20220824)

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