Numbered & Lettered Darvic Leg Bands for Birds Research, Small Sizes x 10 u. - Discontinued


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  • This bands have been discontinued. We recommend to acquire the Plastic Leg Bands

    Permit copy required. Minimum quantity sold 100 bands. Bands are grouped in 10 units.

    Color bands or rings are manufactured for application to birds for research studies. Permission required.

    Add number and letters to your bands.

    After selecting the band size, please let us know in the Notes field of your order:

    • Numbering: for example 1-10, 11-20, 51-100.
    • Initials: for example UIS. Enter up to 3 characters if required.
    • Year: is the current year if required. For example 18 to indicate 2018.

    Example of the information marked on your bands: 8 UIS [18].

    Darvic is the trade name for unplasticized PVC, and is dyed with colorfast dyes and is UV resistant. Color bands may open and lose shape if kept in hot conditions such as a banding kit left in the sunlight or vehicles. Color bands can become brittle or crack. While color bands are extremely useful we ask that researchers consider the limitations of these products.

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