Mistnets Mesh 40 x 2.5 m H


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  • Read our Sales Restrictions to buy this product !

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    Mistnets are used by ornithologists and bat biologists to capture wild birds and bats for banding or other research projects. This mistnets are made of nylon 70/2 Denier/Ply, 4 shelves, 40 mesh (15x15 mm) and UV coating. This references have 2.5 m high so you may install one over another one to have 5.0 m high system.

    We suggest to use the mistnets poles, to avoid cutting trees in the process to growing.

    The denier is a term used in the textile industry. It is defined as the weight in grams of 9000 meters of the yarn. For example a denier of 70 means that 9000 meters weight 70 grams. The lower the denier, more fragile is the mistnet, but less visible to the animals. You may find mistnets with a denier from 50 to 210. 70 to 100 ideal for birds, and 50 to 75 ideal for bats. The ply is the number of strands of a yarn used to make a net. Usually the mistnets are made of two strands named multifilament. A mistnet with Denier/Ply 70/2 is made with two strands each one of 70 Denier.