Mantax Black Mechanical Caliper with Gator Eyes Laser Pointers

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  • Collections: Botany & Forestry Equipment, Haglöf, Measuring Equipment & Supplies

    Vendor: Haglöf

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb

    Order the Mantax Black with green laser pointers Gator Eyes. Excellent visibility in sunny areas. Use the Gator Eyes to measure diameters at a distance where access is limited by water streams or debris, in areas with poison ivy or or if you are on a distance from the tree and need quick results. Gator Eyes are factory assembled on the foldable jaws for Mantax Black, DP II and Digitech Professional calipers.

    When using Gator Eyes, add one inch (2.54 cm) to the scale featured result for accurate diameter readings. Gator Eyes reaches well over 40m or 130ft. Green laser can be seen in daylight, but is best visualized in dusk light and surroundings. Special Laser scale print available on metric graduated scales for Mantax Black Gator Eyes.

    • - Patented foldable jaws
      - Exclusive alloy coating aluminium scale in 500, 650 and 800 mm or 18", 24" and 30"
      - Rounded scale profile with hollow centre provides durability, strength and low weight
      - Ergonomic handle suitable for all hand sizes
      - Smooth glide
      - No loose parts, no breakable details
      - Indestructible one-side readings on non-reflecting scale
      - Optional version without the Gator Eyes Laser pointers
      - Compatible with the Haglöf Marktax Marking System superior Swedish quality for functionality and design
    • - Caliper (1)
      - Manual
    • None
    • - Holster for Haglöf Caliper