Mantax Black Mechanical Caliper

Ref: HAGL-11-200-1002
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  • Collections: Botany & Forestry Equipment, Haglöf, Measuring Equipment & Supplies

    Vendor: Haglöf

    Shipping Weight: 2.5 lb

    The Mantax Black is the best mechanical caliper Haglöf have ever made! Patented foldable jaws, elegant rounded non-reflecting aluminium measuring scale with several graduation options, and an ergonomic design of the handle, suitable for hands of all sizes. As all Haglöf brand calipers, the Mantax Black has scale graduation that will not wear off even after years of daily use in the field!

    Every detail in the Mantax Black caliper is the result of long production experience, customers requests, splendid advice and innovative thinking. Use the Mantax Black together with the Gator Eyes laser pointers to measure diameters from a distance. You will be surprised of how easy diameter measuring has become lately!

    • - Patented foldable jaws
      - Exclusive alloy coating aluminium scale in 500, 650, 800 and 950 mm or 18", 24", 30" and 36"
      - Rounded scale profile with hollow centre provides durability, strength and low weight
      - Ergonomic handle suitable for all hand sizes
      - Smooth glide
      - No loose parts, no breakable details
      - Indestructible one-side readings on non-reflecting scale
      - Special version with Haglöf Gator Eyes Laser pointers
      - Compatible with the Haglöf Marktax Marking System superior Swedish quality for functionality and design
    • - Caliper (1)
      - Manual
    • None
    • - Holster for Haglöf Caliper
      - Mantax Black Mechanical Caliper with Gator Eyes Laser Pointers