Kestrel 3500 Pocket Wind Meter

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    Vendor: Kestrel

    Product Weight: 2.4 oz

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    Quickly changing weather conditions require constant, immediate updates. Measure wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, dew point and wet bulb temperature with one instrument. Many Kestrel users need to know everything that the weather is doing, but don’t need to log the data.. At the press of a button, get all the relevant conditions you need to enable yourself to shift strategies, reduce risk and ensure safety. While the weather can dictate the comfort level of individuals working or playing outside, it plays an even bigger part in many professionals’ jobs. Irrigation professionals use the Kestrel 3500 to ensure they are irrigating efficiently and the water they are dispersing is actually hitting their intended target, and not evaporating or blowing away. On construction sites Kestrel users are preventing plastic shrinkage cracks and curing concrete more effectively with their Kestrel 3500.

    Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters are designed & manufactured in the U.S.A and are backed by our 5-year warranty. Innovatively designed for stability and accuracy in abrupt condition changes. Rugged and durable, Kestrels are drop tested, waterproof and designed to float if dropped in water.

    Kestrel 3500 measures:
    - Current Wind Speed.
    - Maximum Wind Gust.
    - Average Wind Speed.
    - Air, Water & Snow Temperature.
    - Wind Chill.
    - Altitude.
    - Barometric Pressure.
    - Wet Bulb Temperature (Psychrometric).
    - Relative Humidity.
    - Heat Stress Index.
    - Pressure Trend.

    Check de Kestrel Comparison Chart to see other meters.

    • - Protective cover with sure-grip overmolding
      - Data hold function
      - Large easy-to-read display
      - Waterproof and floats
      - Patented user-replaceable impeller
      - Wide range of wind speeds and low startup speed
      - Quick-response, external thermistor
      - Innovative design for stability and accuracy in abrupt condition changes
      - Reliable, portable, and easy to use
      - All instruments and accessories are completely assembled in the US
      - 5-year warranty
    • - A slip-on protective cover
      - Neck lanyard
      - CR2032 coin cell battery (Average life 300 hours)
      - Kestrel Certificate of Conformity
    • None
    • - Replacement Impeller
      - Tripod
      - Kestrel Portable Vane Mount
      - Silva Polaris Compass