Haglöf Software Solutions: Versio Builder

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    Make your own data collection software for DP II and Digitech Professional

    • Develop custom programs in Versio Builder on your PC.
    • Run programs in Versio DP on your DP II or Digitech Professional.
    • Create as many different programs as you need.
    • Create Versio programs for others using Versio DP.

    Versio Builder is a software module in the Communication Suite in Haglof Management Systems. Versio Builder is used to create custom data collecting software that can later be downloaded to your DP II and Digitech Professional.

    To compile and run the software, the software Versio DP needs to be installed in your DP II/Digitech Professional. Data from Versio DP software to PC is transferred as a tab separated text file or an XML file. These files can be opened and read or viewed in Windows Excel or Word or imported to a database.

    The Versio program can be created in two levels: Header and Data. The levels can contain one or more variables such as name, date, coordinate and more. The Header level is primarily used to identify the file or survey.