Flowatch Flowmeter / Anemometer with Hanging Sensor


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Type: Supplies

Vendor: JDC Electronic

Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

Developed for use under various challenging field conditions. Its different impellers measure almost any fluid, liquid or gaseous medium. Fluid measurements can be taken in knots, km/h, mph, and m/s. The meter also takes temperature measurements in either °F or °C, including minimum and maximum temperature and current temperature. Also included is a wind speed impeller which allows you to take air velocity and wind chill measurements.

To take flow measurements from a bridge or other elevated location, use the optional flow sensor with 15 meter cable (included in this kit). Kit includes the display, 2 m cable, telescoping rod, a 60mm water impeller, 25 mm air impeller, hanging water sensor with 15m cable and carrying case. Weatherproof.

- Measure rivers flows
- Irrigation canals
- Ocean flows
- Air conditioning conduits
- Sewage flows
- Ventilation shafts
- Hydrological studies
- Aerological studies
- Chimney flues

  • Flow Speed Measurement

    Regular size windspeed impeller:
    - Diameter: Ø 20 mm, hole diameter Ø 33 mm
    - Minimum sensitivity: < 3km/h | < 1m/s
    - Precision: +/-2%
    - "off-axis" error: +/-30° | +/-3%
    - Operating temperature: -50°C to +100°C

    Small size windspeed impeller (not incl.):
    - Diameter: Ø 12 mm, hole diameter Ø 18 mm
    - Minimum sensitivity: < 3km/h | < 1m/s
    - Precision: +/-2%
    - "off-axis" error: +/-10° | +/-3%
    - Operating temperature: -50°C à +100°C

    Water impeller:
    - Diameter: Ø 60 mm
    - Minimum sensitivity: < 0.3km/h | < 0.1m/s
    - Precision: +/-2%
    - "off-axis" error: +/-20° / +/-3%

    - Selectable units: Knots, mph, km/h, m/s, fps and cm/s
    - Speed resolution: 0.1 for all units (except in cm/s: 3cm/s)
    - Functions: Current, minimum, average, maximum temperature and windchill factor

    - Selectable units: °C, °F, °C felt and °F felt
    - Precision Thermometer: +/- 0.2°C
    - Resolution of the thermometer: +/- 0.1°C
    - Functions: Ambient temperature measurement, felt, minimum, average and maximum
  • - Display (1)
    - Air impeller Ø 20 mm (1)
    - Water impeller Ø 60 mm (1)
    - Hanging water sensor with 15m cable (connects directly to display) (1)
    - Telescopic rod with 2 meters cable (1)
    - Aluminum Case (1)
  • None
  • - Air Impeller Ø 12 mm
    - Hanging Velocity Water Current Sensor w/ 15 m Cable

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