Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia, Third Edition. Pre-Order Now

Miles McMullan


Type: Books

Vendor: Rey Naranjo Editores

Year: 2018 (March)

Pages: 380

Language: English

Dimensions: 8,3 x 5,1 in (21 x 13 cm)

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The world’s most bird-rich nation has a better field guide now. This book has been completely updated and the quality of printing has been one of the main objectives to launch this new edition.

This book is easy to use and constitutes the first pocket field guide for the world’s most diverse avifauna.

The field guide includes original illustrations of all the country’s 1,879 bird species but most of them where updated, illustrated for this guide including those of the Colombian mainland, coast, oceans and offshore islands. Also, there are up-to-date distribution maps and even undescribed species.

The last Field Guide to Colombian birds was published in 2011. Now Colombia includes new species and this guide more information.

Plates are arranged to show species names, illustrations, maps, text, field notes and notes on endemics and threat status side by side in a single information cell and now songs and calls too and subspecies range over each map! Emphasis is placed on features that will be most useful in the field.

At now 380 pages long (more than 100 pages from the previous edition)  and just 21.0 x 13.0 cm, it is the new genuinely pocket-sized comprehensive field-guide for one of the biggest neotropical avifaunas.