Ento Sphinx Slam Malayse Trap


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  • SLAM - from the acronym the Sea, Land, and Air - is Malaise Trap that floats on water, stands on the ground, and hangs in the sky. It is self-supported and freestanding. The trap is easily clipped to a framework, requiring no additional support or ropes. It is configured with cross baffles so that flying insects are collected from four sides, making wind direction and exposure to sunlight less of a concern when considering trap placement and orientation. When using our hook for tree traps (ref. 26.76), the Malaise trap can be suspended to tree branches. To make the standard SLAM trap go aquatic, four soda bottles or polysterene foam board are required.

    Dimensions: length 110 x breadth 110 x height 110 cm Net Weight: 1.23 kilograms Main Material: Netting, Polyester Mesh Sizes: 96x26 | 680 µm opening.

    SLAM Malaise trap is made of fine Polyester fabric. The package also includes: 2 spare plastic bottles and 5 stainless steel tent pegs.

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    Vendor: Ento Sphinx

    Shipping Weight: 4.0 lb