Ento Sphinx Laminated Telescopic Supports for Entomological Nets

Ref: ENTO-25.21
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  • Collections: Equipment for Preparation

    Vendor: Ento Sphinx

    Shipping Weight: 2.3 lb

    These brackets made in the Czech Republic are made to the highest quality for the best performance in the field. Does not include the net or the ring.

    For you to select the preferred length for your work, its maximum extension is indicated, eg. 89 cm and in parentheses the smallest size is indicated when closed (24 cm / 6S), and the sections that the telescopic support has, that is, a 6S support has six sections or pieces that extend and collect.

    Review the Required Items so that you add the net and hoop that you prefer to use and thus assemble your hama.

    • - Telescopic laminated support.
      - M6 screw for optimal grip.
      - 110 cm telescopic supports include a lock against angular rotation.
    • - Telescopic Support
    • - Nets and Hoops for Hamas Ento Sphinx
    • - Custom Hama Case

    (DR 20220826)