Davis Mounting Kit for Weather Stations

Ref: DAVI-7717
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  • Collections: Accesories (For Meteorological Equipment), Davis Instruments

    Vendor: Davis

    Product Weight: 1.2 lb

    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    This weather station mounting rod makes installation and proper placement easy. The kit is perfect for weather stations such as Vantage Vue or Vantage Pro2. It is also an excellent choice for mounting EnviroMonitor cellular link ports, EnviroMonitor nodes and sensor transmitters.

    The mounting pole kit contains two poles. One is 50 cm long and the second is 53 cm long. The total length when both poles are connected is 95 cm long.

    The poles are galvanized and the mounting frame is stainless steel. This kit is an excellent choice for mounting your weather station on the side of the building above the roof line or on an outside pole or fence. It can be used in a wide range of circumstances. The kit includes all necessary mounting hardware.


      • Galvanized rods.
      • Made of stainless steel.
      • Weight: 1 kg.
      • 19.4" stamped end support tube
      • Extension tube of 20.9"  long.
      • Saddles of 1-1/2" (5.1") (3).
      • Flat washers de 5/16" ( 59.8" x 0.3") (6).
      • Lock washers of 5/16" (0.3") (2).
      • Hexagonal nuts of 5/16" (1.9" x 0.3") (2).
      • U-bolt de 5/16" x 1-1/2" (0.3" x 5.1").
      • Lag bolts de 5/16" x 3" (0.3" x 30.3") (3).
      • Cable ties for 4x8" (40.1" x 79.9").
      • Weather stations.
      • None.

    Note: To assemble the kit, use an adjustable wrench and a drill with a 0.25" (6 mm) drill bit.


    (ZC 20220804)