Cuddeback 20 MP Long Range IR Trail Camera


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Vendor: Cuddeback

The Cuddeback Long Range IR model E2 trail camera is the best Cuddeback IR camera ever and is the lowest price Cuddeback ever! It features Cuddeback's world's fastest 1/4 second trigger speed which means you'll get more images with animals and fewer blanks. A new compact "micro" housing is ergonomic and handy.

Long Range IR technology gives you over 2 watts of IR illumination power and up to 100 ft. infrared flash range with no visible light output on the subject. You'll get superior IR image quality and images that are correctly exposed and stunningly clear with minimal motion blur.

Image Quality: If a picture is worth getting than why not a crisp, clear, colorful picture that will show every detail and that you'll be proud to show off!

- Smart Color. High end CMOS imager for brilliant colors and detail.
- Long Range IR provides the best IR images with greater illumination range and minimal motion blur.
- Advanced low-light CMOS image sensor for enhanced color and clarity. Low light performance extends night illumination range and reduced IR motion blur. And 20MP mode means you can zoom in to see details.
- Choose traditional full frame images, or HD wide view.

Performance: What separates Cuddeback from the rest is the ability to get the picture. And, isn't that the whole point?

- World's Fastest Trigger Speed. Cuddeback's 1/4 second trigger speed is up to 4 times faster than most other cameras. Trigger speed, along with detection accuracy, can make the difference between getting a deer and getting blanked.
- Zone Control. Select wide view or centered view as needed. Wide is best on fields. Centered for trails.
- Super-Fast Recovery Speed. Cuddeback takes the first image within ¼ second, then recovers about 1 second latter for the next shot. Cuddeback can take 2 pictures before many cameras have taken their first.
- Accuracy. Less Blank Images. Not all motion sensors are created equal. The ideal camera does not miss animals, nor does it falsely detect something that is not there. This is called as accuracy.
- AA batteries are small so the camera can be as compact as possible.

  • - Battery life time up to 12 months
    - Battery life images up to 30,000
    - Day smart color
    - Centered subject
    - Wide detection zone
    - Zone control
    - Time lapse advanced
    - No card mode
    - Test mode
    - EZ setup
    - Advanced set up
    - Video 10/20/30
    - Video with sound
    - HD aspect (16:9)
    - Full aspect (4:3)
    - Genius mount
    - Warranty tracker
    - Lockable with genius
  • - Camera (1)
  • - Batteries (8)
    - Mount
  • - Mount
    - Safe Security Case CuddeSafe for Cuddeback C and E Trail Cameras

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