CDC Mini Light Trap with Incandescent Light


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Type: Supplies

Vendor: BioQuip

Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

BioQuip has developed and manufactures a superior version of the CDC miniature light trap.

The heavy duty ABS black trap cover is 13″ (33 cm) in diameter. A 3-foot polypropylene cord is provided for hanging. The trap body is fabricated from 3-1/2″ (9 cm) acrylic tubing, and features stainless steel supports and screen. It has a 4-watt CM-47 incandescent light bulb with an average life of 2,000 hours. An 8-foot (2.4 m) DC power cord with standard spade tip connectors is supplied for spaded battery connections. The motor and light draw 320 mAmps. The unit requires a 6V DC power supply or battery (not included).

BioQuip’s unique design features include a self-closing, clear film air gate. The air gate prevents escape of collected specimens in the event of power loss. It also allows for use of a timing device in collecting samples without being on site to start or stop trap operation. There is a minimal increase on motor current draw with this design. The air gate is an extra charge option from other CDC trap manufacturers.

The No-See-Um fine mesh collecting bag with ripstop nylon skirt, #2801B, is supported by a large rubber O-ring, fitted into a groove at the bottom of the acrylic tube. A draw string allows specimens to be contained in the bag safely. (BioQuip #2809C or #2809D aspirators can be inserted into the bag to remove specimens. The bag can then be reattached to the trap.) The collection cup is a 16-ounce polypropylene jar with 32-mesh screen vented bottom and modified lid. An extra plain lid is provided to seal the jar.

BioQuip’s 6 volt DC gel cell battery #2860 is recommended for use with this trap. To keep the battery charged and ready for use, see #2865 battery charger.

For applications where a narrower range of light frequencies is desired, see #2848BQ. It is supplied with a 4-watt UV black light incandescent tube.

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