CDC Light Trap B•Tools with UV LED and Incandescent Light


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  • CDC style UV light trap with black light setup for studying insects. The unit has been constructed keeping in view of field and rugged conditions. The unit has been tested against various insect species and is capable of catching mosquitoes. The unit has been constructed keeping in view of field and rugged conditions. The fan assembly is not visible outside which is hidden in a ABS shield casing as shown in the picture. The unit has a rain shield to protect the unit from rain. The trap is supplied with one insect collection cage which is removable. One more cage can be bought separately which eliminates the need for working or collecting insects in the field. No need to work in the field with mosquitoes as the cage can be carried to laboratory and work with the same at convenience. One field bag will be provided to hold all of the items together. One unit of 6v 7Ah will be supplied. Recommended to buy at least two more batteries of same capacity and one powerful, auto-set charger to use the trap conveniently. The other items are need to be purchased separately.


      • Insect Rearing Cage
      • Battery 6v 7Ah
      • Ideal for  studying mosquitoes.
      • Fan protected by an ABS shield case.
      • CDC Trap
      • Insect Rearing Cage
      • Battery
      • UV Bulb
      • Incandescent Bulb
      • Aspirator
      • Bag
      • None
      • Stand
      • Battery
      • Battery Charger
      • Bulb
      • Insect Rearing Cage

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    Vendor: B•Tools

    Shipping Weight: 10.0 lb