Bird-X Special Adhesive for Plastic Repellent Spikes


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  • Spikes are 100% effective everywhere they are placed, and the Spike Adhesive ensures proper bonding of your spike installation. It is extremely durable and weatherproof and works on a wide range of materials. One tube secures approximately 20 feet of spikes.

    Unlike many common adhesives, Bird-X’s Spikes Special Adhesive is safe to ship by air. It is made of non-flammable material, and creates zero hazardous waste. Using an adhesive makes spike installation projects much faster versus using nails, screws, or tie methods. Use with a standard caulking gun or the Bird-X Adhesive Gun. Special Adhesive is created specifically for Bird-X spikes, ensuring proper adhesion.

    • 1 tube covers 20 feet.
    • Faster than using screws or ties.
    • Non-flammable material.
    • Use with a standard caulking gun or the Bird-X Adhesive Gun.
    • Guaranteed free from defects at time of purchase.

    Collections: Bird-X, Physical Repellers

    Vendor: Bird-X

    Shipping Weight: 1.5 lb