Bird-X Outdoor Laser Bird Repeller


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  • A laser bird deterrent is one of the most effective and well-documented ways to repel pest birds. Bird-X bird repellent laser beams are able to keep pest birds (such as pigeons, blackbirds, ducks, sparrows and more) away without causing any harm to the birds or the environment. Additionally, our laser bird repellent products don’t produce any sound, so you can enjoy a bird-free space without the unwanted noise.

    Bird-X offers two versions of laser bird repeller products — an indoor model and an outdoor model. Each bird repellent laser system uses random intervals of red and green laser combinations to create an environment that birds hate, forcing them to search for different landing areas. A Bird-X laser bird deterrent system can work day (in low-light areas) or night with constantly changing patterns, preventing birds from acclimating to the repellent.

    Laser bird deterrent products eliminate the need for harmful poisons, traps or pesticides. You can feel good about keeping pest birds at bay in a way that’s safe.

    Features of Bird-X Laser Bird Repellers

    • Bird-X laser bird scarer products contain dual-colored, fat-beam lasers.
    • A remote control is included, so you can operate your lasers from anywhere.
    • Enjoy 10,000 square feet of coverage for a broader bird-free environment.
    • An installation consultation is included with your Bird-X laser bird deterrent.
    • A 30-day electronics performance satisfaction guarantee is included with every purchase.

    With a range of up to 10,000 square feet, the unrelenting red and green lasers of Bird-X laser bird deterrent systems will irritate birds, bats and small mammal pest species without harmful traps or chemicals. The powerful Class 3R “fat beam” laser diodes create multiple random patterns that prevent birds from acclimating, keeping them away permanently.

    All Bird-X lasers are pre-programmed and can be used night or day in darker areas. The indoor laser comes ready to mount with the included bracket, and the outdoor laser includes a base for easy installation. The convenient and flexible coverage makes laser bird control perfect for a wide array of locations. Bird-X lasers also include a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured your unwanted guests will be gone for good!

    Choose Bird-X for Your Laser Bird Deterrent

    Established in 1964, Bird-X is the leading brand of humane bird control solutions, including laser bird control systems. Our company’s more than 50 years of experience is shown through the complete line of highly effective bird repellent products as well as unmatched quality and customer care. Bird-X laser bird deterrents eliminate the need for poisons, traps and chemicals — keeping you, your family, wildlife and the environment safe.

    Stop dealing with pest birds on your property and order your bird deterrent laser today.

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