Aluminum Butt-End Bird Bands x 100 Units


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These rings are made of aluminum, whose edges are treated manually to achieve a completely soft and safe ring for the bird. To choose the appropriate ring for a bird you must take into account the widest measure of the tarsus in the position where the ring would be, (take into account the height of the ring) and increase to that measure 15.75% up to 12 mm diameter and 10.00% for tarshes of greater diameter. The ring should not be too loose or tight or fair. The tolerance is +/- 0.010 "(0.0254 cm). All sizes are estimated. The accuracy is determined by the mark on the ring.

Following these recommendations, you will prevent the bird from being damaged by the ring.

Download the Size and Color Chart (PDF 112K Spanish; English) available for you to add the rings you require.

100 rings come per package. You will have discount if you buy 500 or 1000 rings of the same diameter and characteristics. Federal size rings are more expensive due to their specific dimensions.

When making the request, you must add if you want any color to the rings or other required features on the rings, including the desired mark and numbering. Indicate if you want color or without color (normal aluminum). Keep in mind the processing time, which can be reduced to a maximum of 15 business days with an additional charge.

These rings are not for hummingbirds. Hummingbird banders are an elite group. Only about 150 people into the USA. They are only allowed to ring after completing a rigorous training. Unlike other bird rings, those made for hummingbirds are cut and sized by the same banding. The banders are also expected to follow a code of ethics.

Federal Size

Standard Size