Air Driven Elastomer Injection System

Ref: NMT-1ELA000002R
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  • Collections: North Marine Technologies, Tag Equipment & Supplies

    Vendor: Northwest Marine Technology

    Shipping Weight: 20.0 lb

    If you have thousands of fish to tag, we recommend that you consider using our Air Driven Elastomer Injection System. This system uses a pulse of compressed air to push the elastomer from the injection syringe and can reduce hand fatigue.

    The system includes a main control box, the handpiece, and all the necessary supplies to inject VIE. A VI Light is supplied with the injector to aid in tag detection. The user must supply compressed air at a minimum of 60 psi.

    The injector works using a credit token system. When you purchase supplies to use with this system you are also provided with a token which allows the machine to be operated for the number of tags purchased (plus an allowance for setting up and testing). More than enough VIE material is supplied for the number of tags purchased. The customer therefore pays by the tag rather than by the quantity of material supplied.

    The Air Driven Elastomer Injection System includes the control box and the handpiece.

    Air Driven Elastomer Injection System Specifications (PDF).