Tips to Buy Outside US

Receiving your package in your country could be problematic if you don´t know the costs, law and rules for importation. Each country has its own regulations, so please make sure the products you are buying are allowed to be received in your country and also check the taxes and duties you will have to pay.

1. The best option to save money but time, is to send your purchase inside US to a friend that will travel to your country. Recommend for countries like Brazil.

2. The second option is to open a courier account in Miami (Florida) with a company of shipping in your country. Recommend for oversized items. They usually have good prices for shipping compared to companies like UPS, USPS, FeDex or DHL. Here you have a short list of some companies in your country. We don´t provide information of the quality service of those companies. The first one PuntoMio, you are able to estimate the cost of taxes and shipping.

Country PuntoMio MailBox ETC CourierBox Others
Argentina x UseUsa
Bolivia x
Brazil x
Chile x
Colombia x x x FlyBox
Costa Rica x
Ecuador x x
El Salvador x
España PackLink
Guatemala x
Honduras x
Mexico x x Estafeta
Nicaragua x
Panama x x
Paraguay x
Peru x x
Republica Dominicana x
Uruguay x
Venezuela x x x


3. Choosing our shipping methods directly to your country are UPS or the Postal Service of United States USPS.