Activation of the ARGOS Satellite Service

If you purchased a PTT at BIOWEB, in order to activate it you must create an account directly with ARGOS. Here. Activation time for an account can take 3-4 weeks.

In case you require that BIOWEB carry out the total procedure, notify us to send you a quote once you have decided the following points:

- How many PTT are you going to use?
- How many time slots during the day you want to track? (The time slots are only four (4). Each time slot corresponds to 6 hours, starting at 0:00 a.m. and ending at 11:59 p.m..
- How many days do you want to monitor the research animal?
- If you need to monitor the performance of your PTT, position and data values ​​collected. When a predefined event is detected during control, a warning will be sent to you by email. (This service is called ArgosMonitor and it has automatic sending by email, fax or SMS if you carry out the procedure directly with ARGOS).

In case BIOWEB processes your request:

- You will not have access to ArgosWeb, which is a free service that during the last 10 days you can see your PTT information.
- You will not have access to ArgosShare, which is a service that allows you to share the information collected with your co-workers.
- You will receive the information only through your email.