Refill and Supplies for VIE Tags

Ref: NMT-1VIFE08
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  • Colecciones: North Marine Technologies, Tag Equipment & Supplies

    Vendedor: Northwest Marine Technology

    Shipping Weight: 0.7 lb

    This product is sold by BIOWEB in America countries but if you are in United States or Canada. Please contact the vendor Northwest Marine Technology directly.

    When the supplies in your kit have been exhausted, NMT offers 6 ml Complete Refill Kits containing elastomer, with curing agent, mixing and injecting supplies. Select up to two (2) colors

    Also curing agent 4 ml is sold separately if you still have the other supplies.

    The 6 ml elastomer is also sold without mixing and injecting supplies.

    Acquire mixing and injection supplies separately: 6 sets (cups, transfer syringes, stirring sticks).