Pesola MacroLine Spring Scales

Ref: PESO-80005
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  • Colecciones: Measuring Equipment & Supplies, Scales (for Field)

    Vendedor: PESOLA

    Shipping Weight: 1.5 lb

    PESOLA is the inventor of the modern spring scale. Rely on the quality and precision of the original.

    MacroLine are scales innovative, precise, swiss engineered by PESOLA.

    Two instruments in one! Use these precision Pesola scales to determine the weights of numerous specimens, or attach the optional pressure set to use them as dynamometers to determine the amount of pressure needed to move objects. With the optional pressure set attached, you can also use these scales as penetrometers to test soil compaction. Pesola scales work in any position — even overhead. Each scale features high quality, non-corroding components housed in an abrasion-resistant anodized aluminum case. Two-sided graduations are inversely proportional so you can easily read measurements from different positions. Tare screws allow you to “zero-out” the weight of various containers from 15% to 25% of the scale’s capacity. Drag pointers measure the maximum readings obtained per weighing. Handle and drag pointer included. Upper and lower suspensions rotate.

    • - Handle comfortable and removable
      - Bow (swivelable, rotatable and removable) guided in a ring
      - Screw for tare and adjusting the zero position (range of tare = 20%)
      - Integrated recoil absorbtion for tensile tests with drag pointer
      - Adjustment and suspension of spring totally innovative and without play, fatigue resistant spring
      - Marker on level of graduation for perfect reading
      - Precise graduation with high resolution. Abrasion-resistant, color anodized. Inverse figures for easy reading in different positions
      - Drag pointer supplied
      - Overload proof up to 130% of capacity
      - Hook swivelable, rotatable and replaceable by different accessories
      - Pressure set 8.004 (optional) with pressure rod, screw-tops and radial handle
    • - Spring scale (1)
      - Case (1)
      - Manual (1)
    • None
    • - Pressure Set - Accessory for MacroLine Scales
      - Adaptation Set - Accessory for MacroLine Scales
      - Large Hook with Protective Plastic Coating - Accessory for MacroLine Scales
      - Drag Pointer - Replacement Part for MacroLine Scales
      - Handle - Replacement Part for MacroLine Scales
      - Hook - Replacement Part for MacroLine Scales