Moultrie 30MP Trail Camera A-990i

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    Vendedor: Moultrie

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    • Takes industry-leading 30 MP pictures for incomparable quality and detail. Count every antler point with these ultra-high-resolution images.
    • Blazing 0.4-second trigger speed captures crisp images of birds flying past the camera.
    • 60’ detection range and 60’ flash range. Invisible flash won’t spook game or alert trespassers, but the images are bright and clear..
    • This hunt-ready bundle includes everything needed for 24/7 scouting right out of the package. Included: 16GB Class 10 SD card (Valued at $24.99), plus 8 AA batteries (Valued at $11.99) and a heavy-duty 8’ strap to affix camera to tree.
    • The A900i can take up to 19,000 images on just 8 AA batteries.
    • *To connect to Moultrie Mobile, ensure the latest firmware update is installed to the camera. Instructions (Here)


      Image Size

      The A900i captures industry-leading 30MP images. Easily zoom in to count antler points with these ultra-high-resolution photos. The high-resolution images are saved on a standard SD card.

      HD Video

      The A900i records in HD video (1280x720). Watch crisp, bright HD video of trophy bucks walking in front of the camera. Learn exactly where that buck is going and coming with video surveillance.

      Trigger Speed

      The A900i has a blazing-fast 0.4-second trigger speed to capture animals on the move! No more blurry shots of a deer’s rear-end. With fast trigger speeds you’ll capture clear shots of bucks on the run during the rut.

      Accurate, Brilliant Daytime Images

      The A900i captures brilliant daytime photos — no grainy, dull images here. Daytime photos are bright and depict true-to-life color from the field. You’ll think a wildlife photographer was taking the images instead of your Moultrie trail camera.

      Crisp, Clear Night Images

      Moultrie photos are some of the most clear and crisp trail camera photos in the industry. Thanks to the Illumi-Night Sensor, nighttime images are just as bright and clear as the daytime photos. With a 60-foot extended-flash range you’ll capture clear, crisp images at a distance, too.

      Hunt-Ready Bundle

      The A900i Bundle includes everything you’ll need to start scouting. The Bundle includes 8 AA batteries to power the camera for up to 19,000 images. It also includes a 16GB Class 10 SD card that will store thousands of images. And of course, you get the A900i game camera and heavy-duty  strap for installation.

      Multiple Power Options

      The A900i operates on 8 AA batteries for an estimated 19,000 images per battery life. However, Moultrie offers a couple other power options to extend the camera’s battery life. The;Camera Battery Box features a polymer housing with weather-tight seal. Inside is a rechargeable 12-volt battery that will greatly extend the camera’s life in the field. Another option is theMoultrie Game Camera PowerPanel. If the camera is in a location that gets lots of sunlight, this solar panel will convert solar energy into electricity to power the camera.

      Capture Mode

      This trail camera offers several capture options. It will take 1 photo at a time in either low or high-resolution, 3 photos in either high or low-resolution, or you can set it to record video in low or high-resolution.

      Detection Delay

      To cut down on redundant images, the camera has Detection Delay with settings from 0, 15 or 30 seconds and 1 or 5 minutes. In areas of high animal traffic, such as a feeder location, set the Detection Delay at 30 seconds to 1 minute to cut down on the number of images you receive of the same deer feeding.

      Managed Memory

      This function gives you piece of mind knowing that your SD card will not fill up. Once the SD card fills up, Managed Memory will delete the oldest image on the card to free up space for a new image to be recorded. This process will continue to happen until Managed Memory is turned off.

      WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit; .

        • Resolution: 30 MP
        • Trigger Speed: 0.4 sec
        • Detection Range: 60 ft.
        • Flash Range: 60 ft.
        • Flash Technology: Long-Range 850nm Infrared, LED/24
        • Illumi-Night Sensor: Illumi-Night
        • Battery Life # of Images: 17,000
        • Power Source: 8 AA Batteries
        • Video Resolution: HD (1280x720)
        • Display: Custom Segment
        • Motion Detect Delay: 0 sec/15 sec/30 sec/1 min/5 min
        • Multi-Shot Mode: 1 Photo, 3 Photo
        • Image; Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9
        • Infostrip Imprint Data: Time, date, temp F only, camera name (1-9 characters), moon phase
        • Decoration: Moultrie Pine Bark™
        • Moultrie Mobile Compatible: Yes (Cellular Field Modem Sold Seperately)
        • 8AA batteries (Valued at $11.99) included
        • 16GB Class 10 SD card (Valued at $24.99) included
        • Warranty: Up to 2 years
        • 16GB Class 10 SD card (Valued at $24.99)
        • Plus 8 AA batteries (Valued at $11.99)
        • Heavy-duty 8’ strap to affix camera to tre
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