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  • Colecciones: Probes & Parameter Meters

    Vendedor: Heron

    Shipping Weight: 10.0 lb

    Static & drawDown Levels

    This economical water level indicator is ideal for measuring the water level of wells, bore holes, and standpipes. It signals when water is reached with accuracies to 1/100" of a foot or 1 mm. We use a high quality polyethylene tape, indeibly heat stamped with markings in engineering scale. The tape is reinforced with Kevlar fibers and flexible enough to wind smoothly onto the nylon reel and hangs straight in the well. No on/off switch is needed since, when contact is made, the water shorts the probe to complete a circuit.

    Buy with confidence knowing that your quality water level indicator tape will perform over the long term. It is backed by a three year warranty.

    The Tape: Kevlar reinforced polyethylene dog bone section with stainless steel conductors. Lengths up to 100 m are available.

    The Probe: A 6 mm (5/8”) diameter, 19 mm (7 ½”) long probe of stainless steel and Teflon. The probe has no holes or recesses which might trap contaminants and is water tight to the full depth of the tape. An optional non-submersible 3/8 inch diameter probe is available upon request. (Note:The 3/8” (10 mm) probe should not be used to sound the well).

    The Electronics: The fully encapsulated circuitry is protected against dirt and moisture.

    The Reel: A tough nylon or aluminum reel mounted on a sturdy powder coated steel frame. A soft vinyl hand grip, ergonomic reel lock and casing hangar are seamlessly incorporated in the frame.

    • - Reel Weight: 2.4 kg
      - Height: 356 mm (14”)
      - Width: 279 mm (11”)
      - Depth: 241 mm (9.5”)
      - Probe Weight: 154 g
      - Length: 176 mm (6.9”)
      - Diameter: 16 mm (0.625”)
      - Depth Rating: Full Length of Tape
      - Wetted Materials: Stainless Steel, Viton, Delrin and Teflon
      - Power Source: 9 Volt Alkaline
      - Operating Mode: Static Water Level
      - Sensitivity Control: Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction
      - Audio/Visual Indication: Ultra bright Red LED and 80 db buzzer
      - Tape Jacketing: Polyethylene
      - Tape Conductors: 7 strand (4 Stainless Steel and 3 Copper)
    • - Water level meter (1)
    • - None
    • - Case

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