Guía Ilustrada de la Avifauna Colombiana, 3rd Edition


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  • After the first editions of the Illustrated Guide to Colombian Avifauna, several novelties have taken place in the world of ornithology and bird watching in Colombia. Based on so much new information, this book reaches its third edition with a transformed design that exposes 2016 species with improved illustrations and other new ones, updated maps, recent records for the country and a larger group of hypothetical birds for Colombia that could be found more easily in border or island areas. The illustrations are grouped by genre to facilitate comparison between them. In addition, along with the distribution maps, a QR code is included that links to the Wiki Aves Colombia page where detailed information on each species is found, including vocalization audios, photographs and data on their natural history.

    In addition to Spanish, the book includes common species names in English, French and German. Intended for birder and scientist alike, this field guide is absolutely indispensable for anyone planning to explore Colombia's extraordinarily diverse avian habitats.

    • 2016 species with new and improved illustrations.
    • Updated distribution maps.
    • Recent records for the country.
    • Hypothetical birds.
    • QR code that links to the Wiki Aves Colombia page.

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