DanInject Syringes for Darts for Projectors

Ref: DANI-DAR-S-150
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  • Colecciones: Darts

    Vendedor: DanInject

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    Minimum purchase 5 units any volume. 

    Extensive material research and the latest technology have been used in the production of DanInject Dart Syringes. DanInject is the only company where the entire line of projector and dart syringes are produced by injection tools. These dart syringes have been designed to withstand extreme weather and temperature variation. As a result, they are suitable for virtually all environmental conditions and have very high durability. The resistance to damage is exceptional which is intended for multiple use. Dan Inject puts all of its products through a 100% quality control regimen prior to shipment to all regions of the world.

    High visibility luminous stabilizers are placed and dart syringes with capacities of 1.5 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml are available.

    Requires: Injection Needles for DanInject Darts

    (DR 20220901)